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5 Best Services of Chainsaw Rental in 2020

When you decide to fix your house or garden by yourself, you might find out you need plenty of equipment you don’t have. Buying it all will cost you a lot of money. Moreover, you won’t probably need most of it ever again. So, how to resolve this situation? One of the simplest solutions is to rent the needed tools. For instance, let’s review chainsaw rental. We’ll go over the top 5 companies you can turn to.

The most popular chainsaw rental companies

  • One of the most widespread rental companies in the states is United rentals. It offers over 3300 kinds of equipment and tools. Although you’ll see plenty of industrial tools, the company also offers solutions for home repair, garden tools, etc. You can easily pick the needed chainsaw here and rent for as long as you need. Nowadays, United Rentals offers over 80 kinds of chainsaws that can cut wood, concrete, snow, etc.
  • Sunbelt rentals are probably equally popular and widespread in the country. They offer plenty of tools to help you with anything you need to do. While the selection of chainsaws is quite limited, you can still pick whether you want an electric model or a gas-powered one. You may even choose everything online or over the phone. The company offers great customer services.
  • Home Depot is the most well-known company that sells everything for your house. It also offers rentals on various equipment. It’s easy to find anything you want from sob cutters to chainsaws. Use their services to rent the needed equipment for as long as you need it. In case you aren’t sure which tools you need, the managers are sure to assist you in advising the most suitable solutions.
  • Simplex Equipment rental is a great solution that offers tool rental from $7. The company also delivers the equipment you need to save you the trip. One can pick between electric and gasoline chainsaws. Mind that the company offers models with 14 – and 16inch blades. What’s more, one can even rent a horizontal and vertical log splitter. These tools are sure to come in handy when you do some work in the backyard or want to fix something in your house.
  • Cresco Equipment Rental has branches all over the country and offers a wide selection of tools and equipment for rent. It stands out offering zero reservation fees. The selection of options is also amazing. One can find any tools or equipment here. Personalized customer care provides high-quality services. However, if you decide to use their catalog of equipment, be aware that it might be somewhat confusing.


All in all, plenty of companies offer equipment rental in the USA. One can pick the most convenient solution based on the proximity or the selection of services. Remember to account for the prices and make sure there are no hidden fees. Rent the chainsaw you want for as long as you need it.

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