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5 Cheapest Wood Chipper Rental in Different Regions of USA

Those who want to get rid of a tree in the backyard often think if it’s going to be cheaper to rent a wood cheaper and do everything themselves. Let’s find out more about wood chipper rental, the average prices in the USA, and other useful tips one should consider beforehand.

What is a wood chipper?

The equipment is designed to clean the territory from wooden debris. While they are for sale, most people don’t a point in buying one. It takes plenty of storage space. What’s more, you won’t need it so often. That’s why it’s more reasonable to rent one. Just do everything in a day or two and return the equipment.

Things to pay attention to before renting

First of all, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of rental firms that offer wood chippers in the USA. Aside from choosing a reliable company, one should know how to pick a wood chipper.

One of the most important things is the engine. The bigger the cylinder of the engine will be, the more powerful the equipment gets. Pick the most suitable solution based on how much needs to be done.

Another essential element in your choice should be the reduction ratio. It defines how small the chippings will be. Probably the best solution is to get a 10:1 ratio.

There are other aspects a person should take into account. For instance, throat size, weight, power source, etc. There are self-feeding wood chippers that minimize your efforts and time.

The average cost

In general, most companies charge between $69 and $125 per day. To get such equipment, one should go to a local equipment rental store, The Home Depot, or companies like Sunbelt, United Rentals, etc. Keep in mind that prices vary. They depend on the state, the rental duration, and the equipment you pick.

The main reason to rent a wood chipper

While you can buy such equipment and use it to grind your bushes and trees, there is simply no need to do it. Renting such tools once a season will be more than enough to help you get rid of the unnecessary wooden debris. You won’t need to worry or maintain the equipment, sharpen it, etc. Besides, if you have gardeners, they probably have such tools and can help you out. Otherwise, renting wooden chippers seems the most logical, affordable, and hustle-free solution.

The bottom line

While the prices on the wooden chipper rental differ greatly depending on the region, it’s still affordable and simple. One doesn’t have to buy this equipment and then look for where to store it. Most rentals offer great deals and high-quality chippers to help you bring the garden or backyard to order. However, it’s also important to pick the most suitable model. Use the tips above and account for various factors when making a choice. In case you feel confused or can’t decide, the managers in the rental companies are sure to help you.

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