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How Much Does Sod Cutter Rental Cost in the USA?

Cutting sod is not the most pleasant and simple thing to do. One can resolve the issue, however, by renting sod cutters. They are compact enough to be easily transported. Even a beginner will figure out how to set it up and start using it. This is the best solution due to its user-friendliness and intuitive controls. The cutter will help a lot with landscaping, irrigation works, and golf course grounds. While the latter own their sod cutters, plenty of people prefer to rent such items. Let’s get to know more about these devices as well as the rent prices in the USA. We’ll also discover the peculiarities of the sod cutter rental.

Why rent a sod cutter in the first place?

This is a helpful tool for one’s backyard work since most models have self-propelled technology. Besides, the maximum traction wheels are sure to make the job easier.

Some sod cutters offer laser clad cutting blades that cut precisely. This will decrease the chances of ruining the lawn.

Other advantages of getting sod cutters include the quick attach systems and two extra features. One is called swivel rear caster which is excellent for curved works. However, when you use the locking ability, you’ll be able to cut straight.

The average rent prices

First of all, one has to realize that rent depends not only on time but on the device itself. The selection of options on the market is huge. They offer different features, quality, and price tags. The average price is $71 for 4 hours (the minimum rent time).

One can rent for a day and pay $102. Renting for one week will cost on average $408, while monthly rent will be $1224. This is an average cost one can find in the USA. The Home Depot offers such services and similar prices.

You might consider buying one if you plan on using it on a regular basis.

Useful tips to take into account

Before renting a sod cutter, one has to learn more about the equipment. This is going to be helpful when choosing a rent model. One should pick a cutter of an appropriate size.

Aside from the size, a person should also pick between a manual and a gas-powered sod cutter. They are both good but working on larger territories seems easier when you get a gas-powered option.

What’s more, it’s better to make sure you have enough time to use the sod cutter. Rent it only when you are ready to do the job. In case you don’t know about the plans, e.g. an unexpected work trip, a canceled day-off, etc., renting a sod cutter doesn’t make sense. You’ll end up paying too much and won’t have an opportunity to use it anyway.

Finally, if you plan on doing some sod-cutting, it’s better to check the weather forecast. There is no point in renting the equipment if the next few days are rainy.

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