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How to get free Avast Antivirus key?

Not many people know that using Avast can be 100% free. To start, you simply download and fill out all the offered forms of the interface, and after that, you’ll get a free trial period. But what to do when the free period has expired but you don’t want to spend money on computer safety? Don’t worry, you’re not alone here. We’ll help you to figure out how to activate Avast for free.

The registration process of Avast antivirus is a simple task. You don’t have to be an IT guru to deal with it. Follow these steps if you want to start using Avast:

  • Download Avast Antivirus using the Avast official website;
  • Launch the file and click ‘Registration’;
  • After that, you’ll see the Store tab, where you will be offered to purchase the optimal version of Avast antivirus. There will be 2 versions to choose from, paid and free. Do not be afraid, this is not cheese in mousetraps and for a start, you can choose the one on which you do not have to spend your money;
  • Next, fill in the fields for registering a subscription to the free version of Avast. Type in your First name, Last name, Email. Or use the Facebook registration button if you are using this social network;
  • After clicking the “Register” button you will be offered to try Avast for free! Internet Security. You can safely use this offer, but remember that it is valid for only 20 days, or leave the basic level of protection;
  • When registration is complete, you can check the activation status in the program interface. To do this, go to Settings and open the Registration section. After subscribing, you will see the inscription – You are registered;
  • If you have installed or want to install a paid version of Avast for more reliable protection, then to register it, you need to receive an activation code. Click “Upgrade” and use the next guide of getting a free Premium subscription.

How To Get Avast Premium for Free

Avast Premium Security antivirus can be activated until 2077 for free. In addition to this subscription, you will also get Avast Cleanup and Avast SecureLine VPN.

To activate your subscription, use the following steps:

  • Go to the Avast website and click on the button ‘Try the free 30-day version’ (if you haven’t done it already);
  • Install the trial version;
  • In the ‘Menu’ section, go to ‘My subscriptions’ and press the button “Enter valid activation code”;
  • Enter one of the free keys that you can find using Google;
  • Save the typed in information.

After that, you will see an alert of successful license activation for three products. You will get: Avast Premium Security until February 15, 2077, Avast Cleanup until July 14, 2043 and Avast SecureLine VPN until December 23, 2023.

Bottom Line

Using Avast Premium Subscription is easy if you use the Google engine to find a free key. Luckily, the list of keys refreshes constantly, so you will definitely succeed in getting a free protection for your PC or laptop

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